John Butler

B Feb 5, 1786 in Hinsdale, NH to Josiah Butler and Thankful Alexander
M Gracie Hubbard 21 October 1810
D 10 Sept 1883 in Chesterfield, NH
Marshall Josiah Erastus Roswell
Warren Ephriam Maria Otis
From History of Chesterfield

JOHN BUTLER, whose father, Josiah, was a nephew of Col. Josiah
Willard, the principal grantee of Chesterfield, was born in Hinsdale
February 5, 1786 and settled in Chesterfield in 1824.  His widow,
Lydia (Crowninshield) Butler, survived him, residing on road 27. Mr.
Butler reared eight children--Marshall, Warren, Josiah, Ephraim,
Erastus, Maria, Roswell, and Otis.  Thomas F., son of Otis resided on
road 53.  Mervin H., son of Otis, resided on road 53.  Warren H.,
son of Marshall resided on road 50.

At least one of his children, Marshall pre-deceased him.  Marshall died in 1855.