Valentine Butler (1716-1750)

B June 24the 1716 in Topsfield, Essex, Mass.  to Valentine Butler and Dorcus Shumway.
M Lois Willard 1742
D 1750.
C Valentine and Josiah
Land record; Valentine Butler, Husbandman at Fort Dumer in New Hampshire, from John Witing of Concord, County of Middlesex, in the Province of the Massachusetts Bay, for 160 pounds, a houselot in Winchester. Signed February 19 1749 and recorded 23 Jun 1772 in the 23rd year of his Majesty's reign.


Valentine as the first to come to NH -- it was his father, Valentine. 
We have a typed copy of a land record when Valentine bought a houselot in Winchester (now Hinsdale) 19 July 1749 -- recorded 23 June 1772.  
Then his wife -- " Know all men by these presents that I, Lois Willard Butler, of Hinsdale in the county of Cheshire, widow,  in consideration of the natural love and affection which I bear to my two sons, Valentine Butler, Yeoman and Josiah Butler, Yeoman, both of Hinsdale, in said county of Cheshire, have remissed, released and forever quit-claim unto the said Valentine and Josiah and by these presents do remiss, release and forever quit claim to the said Valentine and Josiah, their heirs and assigns forever.
The following land being in their possession, by my right of Dower and Power of Thirds, to all the land that my husband, Valentine Butler died siezed (sic) of or that he claimed at the time of his death in Hinsdale or Winchester in said county of Cheshire."
Dated and Sealed 21 April in the 15th year of His Majesty's Reign A.D 1775
Signed by Lois Butler and witnessed by Simeon Jones and Daniel Jones.
This is from Volume I, page 385 of Land Records of Cheshire Co., N.H.

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