Butlers Buried in Chesterfield, NH

John, Gracie and Thankful are all buried at the Butler burying grounds in
Chesterfield, just a few hundred feet down the road from the old
Hubbard/Butler farm.  Thankful is buried under the name of Hubbard, as she
married Gratia's father Maj Ephraim Hubbard after their respective spouses
had passed on.  Major Hubbard lies in the central part of town next to his
first wife.

John and Gratia were second cousins.  Gratia’s mother was Lucy Willard, cousin to
John’s father, Josiah Butler.  Gratia’s Grandfather was Nathan Willard,
brother to John’s Grandmother, Lois Willard.  That means that John and
Gratia shared the same Great Grandfather in Col Josiah Willard Sr!

Marshall and Luthera are up the road just a ways and are in the same
cemetery as his brother Josiah and his wife Sophia.  Brother Warren is in
the North Hinsdale Community church cemetery, as are 70% of all the other
Butlers of that time!

No sign yet of Josiah, nor his father Valentine and his wife Lois (Willard).


John Butler and wife Gratia

Marshall Butler Headstone - includes:
  • Luthera, his wife
  • Warren H, his brother
  • Ella F. Barrett, his brother's wife
  • Luna Ann, 5 mo. old baby
  • William Rankin (???)
Thankful, wife of Ephraim Hubbard Close up of Gratia Butler, wife of John  
  Sign "Butler Burying Ground"