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Agnes Elder, 1937   Agnes and Leo Simpson   Catherine and Agnes with Zoe Jarboe    
Catherine Simpson Mansfield with daughter Judy   Bill and Bertha Simpson   Bill and Bertha Simpson about 1913    
1908   Christmas, 1951 at Grandma Simpson's   Catherine and Agnes with Zoe Jarboe    
Agnes Simpson   Agnes and Leo Simpson, about 1924   Owen Simpson Cornelius Jarboe Agnes Simpson and Leo Simpson    
Leo Simpson, Cornelius Jarboe, Agnes Simpson, Mary Nix, and Owen Simpson   Leo, Agnes and Owen Simpson, 1920   Jim Mansfield with Daughter Judy    
Jim Mansfield   Jim Mansfield   Janice and Jeannette Simpson, 1974    
Front: Goldie and Paul, Back: Ralph and Leo   Front: Bertha, Marion Jarboe, Agnes Simpson BACK: Clarence Nix, Mary Nix,Zoe Patton, Grandpa Jarboe, Catherine Simpson and Grandma Jarboe   Flood of 1937    
    Ralph Simpson, 1936   Catherine Simpson, Uncle Patty, Aunt Zoe, Agnes Simpson    
Agnes, Zoe, Aunt Mary, Catherine       Owen Simpson, Ida Jarboe, Cornelius Jarboe, Agnes Simpson, Bertha Simpson, Leo Simpson, Letitia Jarboe