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Zoe Jarboe with Owen Simpson   Zoe Jarboe with Cornelius Jarboe   William Franklin Simpson retirement picture    
Simpsons with 3 kids, one is Agnes, one is Leo, other?   Ralph Simpson, 9 months   Paul and Ralph Simpson    
Paul Simpson   Paul Simpson, 1959   Owen and Leo Simpson, 1920    
Agnes, Zoe Jarboe Patton, and Bertha Jarboe Simpson with baby Mary Ann Mansfield (Weatherholt)   Back: Bertha Simpson, Letitia Jarboe, Mary Nix, Mrs Laroe Front: Frank Simpson, Paul Simpson Ralph Simpson   Don and Linda Elder, Christmas 1952    
1954   Elder Family, Tell City, late 1940s   Florence and John W Elder    
1971   Linda and Donny, 1953   Donny, 1953    
Donny, 1953   Elder family about 1971   Linda, Joe, Don, Agnes Elder with Mary Jarboe Nix    
Bill and Linda Kemper with twins Patrick and Melissa   Joshua Kemper   Linda Elder, Junior Prom 1967