Lyman Goodrich Covell (1810-1897)
B August 25th, 1810 to William Hollister Covell and Jerusha Hollis in Vienna, NY
M Maria Elizabeth Hollis, May 13th, 1840 in Monro, Huron County, Ohio
D July 11th, 1897 in Steuben County, Indiana
William Sylvester (1850-1909) Elizabeth Jannett (1846 - 1920)
Jannett (1841 - 1845) Jerusha Elva (1847 - 1885)
Abyram Chatfield (1843 - 1846) James Lyman (1859 - 1860)

Lyman Goodrich Covell was married May 13th 1840 to Maria Elizabeth Hollis in Monro, Huron County, Ohio.  On October 10th 1840, Mr. Covell came to Steuben County Indiana and located on Section 1 Pleasant Township, where he lived for 18 years.  During this time he was elected Township Trustee of Pleasant Township.  In the fall of 1858 he traded the farm in Pleasant Township for 80 acres in Section 15 of Scott Township.  Here he was Justice of the Peace several terms and performed many marriage ceremonies held court, etc. 

The following (in part) is from "The Name and Family of Covell" by Jesse O. Covell, Angola, Ind. Feb 15, 1940. "When he (Lyman Goodrich Covell) was a small boy he went to live in the home of a Dr. Chatfield, and for more than three years he made his home there, during which time he received a part of his early education. Later, he went to Albany, New York, where he was employed in a mercantile establishment for over four years.

On August 19, 1834, his mother Jerusha Hollis Covell, died, in or near the Town of Vienna, New York. Sometime about the year 1837 or 1838, he came to Lenawee County, Michigan, to visit his relatives, and while there he purchased from Sanford and Lydia House, of Lenawee County, 160 acres on land in section (1) one, Pleasant, Steuben County, Indiana, for $300. This deed was executed on February 27, 1839, and was recorded May 22, 1845 in Deed Record #4, Page 307, of the records of Steuben County Indiana.

On May 13, 1840, he was united in marriage at Monroe (Monroeville), Huron County, Ohio, to Maria Elizabeth Hollis, his cousin, and on October 10, 1840, they came to Steuben County, Indiana to make their home. In the latter part of 1840, or the early part of 1841, they moved to Lima (now Howe) in La Grange County, where Mr. Covell was employed as a school teacher for a couple of years.

Sometime about the year 1842 or 1843, they returned to their farm in Steuben County, where they lived in Pleasant Township for more than eighteen years. In the year 1842, they sold forty acres on their farm to Milton J. Bradley for seventy-five ($75.00) dollars, this deed being executed March 19, 1842, and was recorded April 21, 1843, in deed record #2, page 460, records of Steuben County. On August 10, 1845, they sold forty acres more of their farm to Henry Rupple, for seventy-five ($75.00) dollars, which deed is recorded in Vol. #3, page 34 of the deed records of Steuben County. On October 11, 1858, they traded their eighty acre farm in Pleasant Township, to George Smiley for eighty acres of land in Scott Township, and in February 1859, they moved with their family to their new home in Scott Township.

Here in Scott Township Mr. and Mrs. Covell labored to clear and improve their farm, and to raise and educate their children, and it was here that they both spent the remainder of their lives. Mr. & Mrs. Covell were members of the Disciple Church, and they were always kind and charitable to the needy and distressed, always ready with both time and money to assist any who needed their aid.

Here at the farm home on August 28, 1885, Maria Elizabeth Covell the wife of Lyman G. Covell, passed away. In the early years of Pleasant Township, Lyman G. Covell was a school teacher, and served his township at least one term as Township Trustee. He also worked at the carpenter trade in his younger days, and was one of the carpenters that erected the Old Mill in Angola in 1868. After moving to Scott Township, he served several years as Justice of the Peace.

Lyman Goodrich Covell led an active and useful life until about the year of 1885, when he retired from the active management of his farm and made his home with his son and daughter-in-law, William S. and Maria E. Covell. On April 19, 1894, he fell and fractured his hip, and for more than three years he was confined to his bed, being cared for by his son and daughter-in-law William S. and Maria E. Covell. On July 11, 1897, he passed away, after completing a good and useful life of 86 years, 10 months and 16 days. He is buried beside his wife and three small children in the Old Cemetery, located in the northwest part of Angola, Indiana."